Animus Stand Alone Android Mod Apk With Data Obb Download

Animus Stand Alone Android Mod Apk With Data Obb Download

Hey guys! welcome to my blog. This is the best place for best android games, android apps, download free android games for free no need to pay simple click and download, mods, best high graphics games for android,apk games.I’m back again as always with another game called Animus Stand Alone. This game has a lot of levels means you will get tired but this game doesn’t end. This game has High graphics with high resolution. You will be get stunned by the graphics of this game. This game is full of Action, Adventure, Thrill and puzzle you will gonna enjoy this a lot. Now what to do for installing this game? don’t be so sad I’m here to tell you. Animus Stand Alone Android Mod Apk With Data Obb Download.

Its size is around 1GB. but due to the revolution in the Telecom industry in India nowadays 1GB data is cheap for any Android users. So that’s why I break this game file into parts so that you all guys can download this game file easily with the 1GB of data limit. So what you need to do you have to download these game files which is mentioned below and follow the instructions.


You only need an Android Device with 3GB of RAM then this game will be able to perfectly work in your device.


If you don’t follow the instructions then I’m not responsible that this game will perfectly work in your device.

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Animus Stand Alone Android Mod Apk With Data Obb Download – Procedure

  1. Whenever you download these game file then install Zarchiver and the game apk file.
  2. Then open the Zarchiver and go to that folder in your mobile where you downloaded these three files in your Mobile.
  3. Now you have to extract the file Zip001 like that file.
  4. Whenever you extract this file it will ask for a password.
  5. Password is
  6. Be sure to download all files Zip001, Zip002 etc.
  7. These all files are interconnected so you need all of these files for extraction.
  8. when the file extracted you will see a new file with an extension of 7z.
  9. Now extract the 7z file here you no need to enter any password.
  10. you can see a new folder name starting with com. like that.
  11. Move or Cut that folder into Device Memory/Android/obb paste.
  12. Now you are all set to open the game without internet connection else you will be ban from the game.

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